About S9

S9 catamaran foiler one design class is now available

Here are the technical specifications of the catamaran:

  • Length 4.16 m

  • Width 2.36 m

  • Mast 7,5 m

  • Total sail area (including mast) 12.5 m2

  • Main sail and jib

  • Total weight 78 kg

  • Hull construction material: fiberglass/Carbon + ecpoxy resin, infusion system

  • Crossbars + telescopic tilter + mast + boom + T foil rudders + main T foil

  • All pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 ° + 6 bar.

  • Harken Ronstan equipped

  • Price ex VAT: 16.600 €, complete, including boat cover, foils and rudder protection.

  • Including big weels beach trolley

(Delivery and set up charges may be applied)

Summary characteristics of the S9:

S9 is a one design, it is  a small catamaran , but with high performance.

Simple and easy to use, it can be completely disassembled and each part can be substituted.

S9 uses a system of “T” foil daggerboard with “hinged” flap.

The s9 sail with a mainsail and an auto-taking Jib 13m sail surface

It  has been combined with an automatic adjustment system of the flap (WAND) that ensures the easiest use of the boat in full flight.

The front crossbar has a conical interlocking system which is unique: it ensures the same rigidity comparable to the modern bonded joints systems but very easy and quick to disassemble. The rear beam has three points to block the hull with three bolts.

The system of Wand can be easily disconnected under way to allow an easy return to the beach even in shallow water for the same reason rudders are swinging .

Even if designed to fly, the S9 can also be used with straight dagger boards in a standard way, for young kids for example or in light wind. 


S9 catamaran can start flying with 6 knots in sideways, with 8 knots in downwind, and with 10 knots always, upwind and downwind.

Today the max speed was 28 knots .

The S9 can support a crew up to 95 kg., Ask to Giambattista 😉

The S9 foiling catamaran use a different  systems foil from other flying catamarans (such as A Class  and C Class):

S9 is the first foiling catamaran that uses 4 point constantly at work in the water, more easy , more stable !

WIth the “T” foil s9 there is an automatic adjusting trim tabs  called “Wand”. This system is used only in the “Moth”, none of the recent projects Flying catamaran used this and it is the best foil choice.

S9 class

S9 is already one design class.

Sail with us in 2018 in very foil one design catamaran class